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14th July
written by martina

Our reporters have seen Martina smiling and having wonderful time with Japanese family while staying in their home for one month in Osaka. The family consists of father, mother, daughter and son (he was spotted only one weekend during her stay there). It has been unofficially told that Martina is staying in his room while he’s away in Tokyo studying architecture and is  sharing other rooms with family. We have seen them talking and since we know Martina doesn’t speek Japanese they seem to understand and speak English really well!  She has been treated like another daughter and sister, given delicious dinners and other meals,  been spoken to about history, culture, food, language, travels, taken around with their car to different places, got suggestions about plans. She said that this opportunity to stay with Japanese family for one month has given her a throughout insight into Japanese culture and natural way of living. She liked it a lot and she felt like she became older sister to the children. This is also why she met her Japanese brother in Tokyo and they spent an exciting day there together. She will never forget all the help and places and things that she had done before the trip towards Tokyo together with her Japanese sister (she even has the same camera now;)) and all the adventures and nice conversation she had had with her Japanese parents. And album is just a cream topping on cake!!!


Tsukamoto station-7 minutes away from my home

Tsukamoto station-7 minutes away from our house

riverside (yodo river)-5 minutes away from our house

riverside (yodo river)-5 minutes away from our house

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